Fixed Wireless Internet

Invest in superior connectivity. Our Fixed Wireless is proven to be faster than all other Fibre to the home products

from R650p.m. (incl)


Fixed Wireless info

Fixed Wireless Speeds

Our symmetric (upload = download speeds) connections are currently available deliver a minimum of 12Mbps, although on average at the moment our customers get 30Mbps symmetric and many get more than 90Mbps. We believe that since this form of connection is more of an art than a science, we hope to only impress. These are unshaped, unthrottled, with ultra-low contention ratios, usually 1:1

Fixed Wireless costs

Installation cost : R4,350 (incl) click here for more info

Line rental : R650 (incl)

Bandwidth : R600 for 100 GB (+ R7 per additional GB) Fixed price (uncapped) packages available on request

Shaping : Unshaped

Service Level Agreements are available, double redundant links and also extended technical support hours on request


You can check your usage here:

Please contact us for a quote and estimate of speeds at your personal address

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