Fixed price ADSL accounts Hall of Fame

For highest downloaders in a month using basic uncapped accounts

Beat our records

Beat our records and receive a complementory tub of Marcel's frozen yoghurt courtesy of VANILLA.

Our record for the 4096 lite category has been demolished! Well played Anthony Van Rooyen! He beat Wouter Schreuders record which had been standing since March. Best of luck to all who want to try claim top spot. We hope you all enjoyed your dairy treats :)

To become the record holder, simply beat the current 1st place by a gig or more. If there is no Marcel's near you let us know and we will organise another prize of your liking. If you also wish to get a personal mention here then drop us an email and we'll make sure that you are acknowledged.

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marcels vanilla ice cream
4096 basic 4096 basic lite 1024 basic 512 basic 384 basic
1nd Place 758 GB December 2010 552 GB October 2011 217 GB December 2011 59 GB March 2011 58 GB March 2011
2nd Place 707 GB January 2011 406 GB March 2011 201 GB November 2011 54 GB April 2011 51 GB August 2011
3rd Place 659 GB December 2010 396 GB February 2011 200 January 2012 53 GB May 2011 45 GB September 2011