Mean Well 50W Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS, 12V dc

Mean Well 50W Embedded Switch

We use this on our Internet DB boards, to power the ONT and neaten installations.

Mean Well Power Switch Mode Power Supply

The Mean Well LRS-50 series 50.4W single output AC to DC enclosed switch mode power supply has an output current rating of 4.2A at 12VDC. It has a universal input supply voltage rating ranging from 85VAC to 264VAC/120VDC to 373VDC. The device provides a metallic meshing and air convection to ensure optimum heat dissipation. This power supply can deliver an extremely low no-load power consumption. The power supply meets anti-vibration demand up to 5G capability and makes it ideal for installing in testing environments.




Support Docs

You can download the datasheet.


R280 (incl.)