TP-Link setup

Before you begin

Please ensure that your modem/router is connected to your telephone line by a telephone cable and your computer is connected to your modem/router with a LAN cable. The difference between a telephone cable and a LAN cable can be seen here. Also, you need to conect your router to its power supply and its power supply to a free two-prong socket.


STEP 1: Log into the router from your computer

You will need to have a working network card or port with a computer attached in order to connect to the ADSL router. These instructions assume the default router setup, if they do not work, contact us. This guide assumes that you have set up all the physical connections as per the welcome note, found inside the router's box.

  1. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.) and type in the address bar
  2. tut
  3. The browser should ask you for username and password, use username: admin and password: admin (these are the default for Linksys routers, refer to your manual if they don't work)
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STEP 2: Configuring Internet Settings from Scratch

If you are setting up the modem for the first time or after reseting then follow the steps below. Otherwise if you are merely wanting to change the settings, proceed to step 4.

  1. Click on Quick Setup.
  2. Change the VPI to 8 and the VCI to 35 .
  3. Next to the WAN Link Type select PPPoE and next to Encapsulation section select LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING.
  4. Enter the username (ie ending with brownie, chocolatechip or vanilla and the password as found of the welcome note we sent you.
  5. Click Next.
  6. tut
  7. Click on Save.
  8. tut
  9. Click on Finish.
  10. tut

STEP 3: Configure Local Wireless Settings

The wireless access point is on and unsecured by default. To secure it follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click on Wireless.
  2. Choose a Wireless network name by entering a SSID so you can identify your router.
  3. Select South Africa for the country.
  4. From the Channel dropdown select South Africa.
  5. tut
  6. Click Security.
  7. From the Network Authentification dropdown select WPA-PSK2.
  8. Choose a wireless password and enter it next to WPA Pre-Shared Key.
  9. Click Apply/Save.
  10. tut

STEP 4: Changing ADSL Network Username and Password

If you wish to change to a different network or update connection settings you need to change the username and password.

NOTE: If you see more than one item which you can edit or if you wish to change the Encapsulation Mode, please follow the procedure in STEP 1.

  1. Click on Advanced Setup.
  2. Click on WAN Service.
  3. Click on Edit. If there is more than one go to STEP 1
  4. tut
  5. Click Next.
  6. tut
  7. Change the PPP Username and Password to the new ones according to the information we give you.
  8. Click Next.
  9. tut
  10. Carry on clicking Next until you get to the WAN Setup - Summary screen.
  11. Click Apply/Save.