Basic Lithium-ion UPS - UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC-to-DC 60W) with PoE Output

UltraLAN Micro UPS front UltraLAN Micro UPS back

This is ideal for your Internet / Fibre connection, will power your router and ONT and one wifi access point. If you have multiple access points, then we advise either two of these (for two) or an inverter.


The UlraLAN Micro UPS series delivers clean, automatic, reliable, constant power to small DC devices during power outages or where grid power is not available.

The UltraLAN MUPS60W17.6AHis a compact DC-to-DC micro UPS with PoE and DC output options, ideal for providing backup power to cameras, routers and other 12V devices. The UltraLAN MUPS60W17.6AH model offers passive PoE output additionally, ideal to keep your Wireless CPE or Router (such as MikroTik or Ubiquiti products) going during a power outage. Simply run an Ethernet cable directly from the Micro UPS to your CPE/Router to power it up.

The UltraLAN Micro UPS devices do not suffer from major efficiency loss unlike traditional UPS's, which converts power from 12V batteries to 220V AC output. Instead, the UltraLAN Micro UPS series provides DC-to-DC power output with much higher efficiency, resulting in longer run times, A typical home network configuration of one Wi-Fi router and one Fibre optic router can be powered for as long as 8 hours.

The UltraLAN Micro UPS remains in-line between your device and the power source regulating the incoming power to prevent damage to your sensitive electronic equipment. In the event of a power outage or load shedding switchover to the Micro UPS backup power is automatic and instantaneous.


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Each unit is R1250 (incl. VAT) and includes a single DC-DC barrel cable.

Additional DC-DC barrel cables are R99 each (incl. VAT).