What comes with a fixed wireless installation?

site inspection

Site inspection

a 'site inspection', or visit to your premises in order to plan where the pole antenna and cabling and router must be located - your input is important! You can view our gallery of Locations.

fixed wireless antenna


an antenna and pole bolted into the wall, located at a high point on your property (usually the roof although can be wherever you specify as long as it can see our 'high site'). We use the highest quality radio antennas from across the world. You can view our gallery of Antenna setups.

mikrotik router

Mikrotik router

a router ('gateway to Internet' provided using Mikrotik) configured as per your needs and optionally, an access point (providing ability to connect to wifi 'hotspot' with wireless devices)



cabling from the antenna to the location of your router (which should be close to your computer and to a central point where an access point can be added). You can view our gallery of Cabling/Reticulation.