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Our sysadmin has over 9 years active experience in the cryptoassets space and is a professional cynic.

Before the news became too much to stay current on, he maintained a mailing list and archive of news and market analysis going back to October 2013.

He has presented on cryptocurrencies at two different iWeek events; and is the co-author of South Africa's response to the Commonwealth Cryptocurrencies Survey.

He has mined tokens, developed trade bots, and setup, which writes trade bots, and sells investor tokens via the Counterparty layer over Bitcoin.

He runs several Lighting Network nodes, please see his Bitcoin mainnet LND node.

Finally, he is interim general manager for, an organisation advancing sensible cryptocurrency regulation around the world.

Pay for his time. Do exactly what he says.


Our rates for cryptoassets consulting, market and trading analysis, node advice, software development start at R2500/ph (excl.).