Fibre Internet

For the fastest internet in Africa

Our fibre partners

We work with over ten different companies who dig up the pavements and roads and use poles and other overhead options for running fibre optic cables between buildings. In some cases we build our own, in others we rent 'dark' fibre to a building and distribute that inside the building and in other cases we resell other providers fibre all the way into the customers premises.

Vanilla Lightspeed Octotel Fibregeeks Frogfoot Openserve Internect Vumatel

Fibre line rental costs

Here are the speeds of the fibre services that we currently provide. We believe that these are good for home and small business use. Please contact us for more information on fibre for your business.

These are only the line rental costs (i.e. what we pay to the providers), installation costs and usage prices vary depending on your needs, click on the network that is available in your area (assuming you know) to see more details.

Speed (down) Fibre providers' prices (incl.) and speeds
Vanilla Lightspeed Octotel Fibregeeks Frogfoot Openserve Internect Vumatel
20 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R369 ✖ n/a ✔ R575 ✖ n/a ✖ n/a ✔ R460 ✖ n/a
50 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R399 ✔ R639 ✔ R690 ✔ R633 ✔ R575 ✔ R518 ✔ R587
100 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R429* ✔ R754 ✔ R805 ✔ R702 ✔ R690 ✔ R575 ✔ R702
200 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R469* ✔ n/a ✔ R920 ✔ R886 ✔ R863 ✔ R750 ✔ R846
300 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R509 ✔ R880* ✖ n/a ✖ n/a ✔ R920* ✖ n/a ✖ n/a
500 Mbps ✔ R450 ✖ n/a ✔ R926* ✖ n/a ✔ R1,012 ✔ R1,035* ✖ n/a ✔ R966*
1,000 Mbps ✔ R450 ✔ R699 ✔ R1,173* ✖ n/a ✔ R1,265 ✖ n/a ✖ n/a ✔ R1,765*

Note: the * indicates asymmetric speeds.

We focus on the Mother City

These are the switching centers we have stationed across Cape Town.

Your suburb not listed? Inquire about coverage in your area.