Vanilla billing

Automated billing

Vanilla uses an automated billing system called Billy, we designed it so you can use the same engine for billing your customers. So, your bill is generated automatically and sent by the system at the end of your billing period to the email address which was used to create your account. Contact us if you wish to add or remove recipients of billing.

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Typically we invoice committed expenditure on a prepaid basis since we are committed to providing this service during this period, so we will bill 'line fees' (for the connection) in advance. Similarly, fixed price usage (or 'uncapped') is committed so that would be billed in advance, additional usage or postpaid usage would only be billed in arrears (ie after you have used it).


By default we expect payment on presentation of the invoice, we allow you 7 days - from you receiving the bill - to make payment. Should you wish to negotiate different terms please do not hesitate to be in contact. If you have not paid within 7 days we reserve the right to suspend your service, so please do pay promptly.

Payment methods

The default way to make payment is by EFT (i.e. when you receive the bill, check it and make sure it's correct and then do an internet banking payment to us :)

Once you're used to seeing our bills, and should you feel confident that we only bill the correct amounts and you prefer not to bother with EFT, then we can setup a debit order facility once you have completed and signed the Vanilla order mandate here

Billing period

Most services are billed on a monthly basis with exception of a few. For example, we provide both monthly and annual subsciptions for email hosting. For annual service billing periods, you receive a lower price and as such will be billed once per annum starting on the date that your email account has been activated. e.g. If you signed up for email on the 3rd December, and its been activated on the 4th of December: every year on the 4th of December you will receive your bill.

If you signed up for monthly email, you will be billed once per month starting on the date that your email account has been activated, and on that same date every month afterwards.

Domain names

You will be billed once per annum starting on the date that your domain has been registered, and every year two months prior to that date to confirm renewal.